The wait is over: Oshi no Ko season 2 is coming soon!

The wait is over: Oshi no Ko season 2 is coming soon!

Barely a year after its first season, the Oshi no Ko phenomenon is making a comeback. This anime, which has captivated millions of fans around the world, tells the tumultuous lives of Aquamarine and Ruby Hoshino. These two characters, reincarnated after their death as children of the popular Idol Ai Hoshino, experience fascinating and tragic adventures.


A look back at the first season

The first season plunged us into the world of the Hoshino, where the joy of this little family was brutally interrupted. A fan obsessed with Ai Hoshino murdered the idol in front of his son, Aquamarine. Since this tragic event, Aquamarine has only one objective: to secretly track down the real person responsible for his mother's death by infiltrating the ruthless world of show business. Meanwhile, her sister Ruby dreams of following in her mother's footsteps and becoming a famous Idol herself.

The anime has captivated its audience thanks to its intense storytelling and deeply human characters. The themes of fame, revenge and resilience were handled with a finesse that touched the hearts of viewers.


What awaits us in season 2

The second season of Oshi no Ko will focus on the play's arc. Aquamarine, Kana and Akane come together to adapt the popular manga Tokyo Blade into a stage production. Between personal rivalries and technical challenges, this task promises to be much more complex than expected.

The new episodes promise to further explore the relationships between the characters and the tensions that arise during the preparation of the play. Aquamarine will have to juggle her quest for truth with her new responsibilities, while Ruby will have to overcome the obstacles of the music industry to realize her dream.

Fans can expect a plot full of twists and emotions, as our heroes strive to overcome the obstacles in their path. New characters will also appear, bringing with them new dynamics and unexpected challenges.


Release date and distribution

The Oshi no Ko anime will return to ADN from July 3, 2024. Prepare to dive back into this captivating universe and follow the adventures of Aquamarine and Ruby in their quest for truth and glory. Don't miss this new season which promises to be even more intense and exciting than the previous one.

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