Kana Arima's Complex Relationships in "Oshi no Ko"

Kana Arima's Complex Relationships in "Oshi no Ko"

At the heart of the tumultuous universe of "Oshi no Ko", the relationships between the characters are shaped by complex links and intriguing dynamics. Kana Arima, with her mysterious presence and tumultuous personal history, has relationships that are both deep and emotionally charged with other key characters in the story, including Mem-cho, Ruby Hoshino, and Aqua Hoshino.

Mem-cho: Complicity and Conflict

Kana Arima has a complex relationship with Mem-cho, the main protagonist of "Oshi no Ko". Their connection is marked by a budding complicity tinged with distrust and latent rivalry. They share a common goal, but their visions sometimes diverge, creating tensions that enrich the plot. Despite conflicts, their bond is based on a mutual understanding of their personal aspirations and struggles.

Ruby Hoshino: Conflict and Reconciliation

The relationship between Kana Arima and Ruby Hoshino, one of the central protagonists, is characterized by conflict and poignant moments of reconciliation. Their paths cross several times, revealing old wounds and deep desires. The tensions between them reflect the complex issues of rivalry and ambition, but also the bonds of friendship and respect that are forged over time.

Aqua Hoshino: Family Ties and Secrets

With Aqua Hoshino, Kana Arima's relationship is steeped in secrets and mysteries linked to their shared past. Their complex family bond is filled with pain and redemption, revealing hidden truths and deep regrets. Despite the obstacles that separate them, Kana and Aqua share an undeniable connection that transcends boundaries of blood and loyalty.


Kana Arima's relationships with Mem-cho, Ruby Hoshino, and Aqua Hoshino reflect the emotional entanglements and moral dilemmas that underlie the plot of "Oshi no Ko." Their complex interactions enrich the story, revealing the nuances of the human condition and the universal challenges of friendship, family and ambition. Through these relationships, Kana Arima reveals herself as a deeply human character, shaped by the ties that connect her to those around her.

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